James Calum Campbell




I come from Glasgow. I read English Lang & Lit at Glasgow University, and then medicine at Edinburgh University. I have practised medicine in Scotland, England, Australia, and New Zealand. I have dual British and New Zealand citizenship. I was the editor of the 2nd edition of the Order of St John New Zealand First Aid Manual. I was a contributor to the standard Australasian Textbook of Adult Emergency Medicine.

I won the Impress Prize for New Writers in 2014. Impress published Click, Double-Click, in 2015, The Seven Trials of Cameron-Strange in 2016, and Cobra (a nuclear farce, not part of the Alastair Cameron-Strange trilogy), in 2021.

During a fifteen year period in Australia and New Zealand I was, at various times, Clinical Head of the Department of Emergency Medicine in Middlemore Hospital, South Auckland; Senior Lecturer in Emergency Medicine in the University of Auckland; and New Zealand Censor to the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine. I sat on the Board of Directors of the Westpac Helicopter Retrieval Service, and I was New Zealand's National Medical Advisor to the Order of St John, appointed by the Governor-General. I undertook work for an international retrieval service, and I taught in-the-field first-aid techniques to Special Forces.

I was the first person to run the forty-eight volcanoes of Auckland in a single outing.

James Calum Campbell
James Calum Campbell